show me what you look like without skin

soooo tonight i have to finish my mental health practice midterm.  i am slacking so much.  i have two pages written of the minimum 8.  BUT if i do well on the midterm i don’t have to take the final, so that would be awesome.  A lot of my professors are doing that because I have comps at the end of this quarter. now is not the time for me to slack.

in other news, my phone is being a jerk and won’t send me any of my texts on time. i keep getting them hours to days after people send them to me :\ stupid.

ahhhhh i just got a text from another intern that said my favorite person at my field work “no longer works there”… i am so sad. 

  1. derkaffeeklatsch said: Comp Exams! Is it really time for those!? The time flies. You will do great lady!
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